Mountains and Lakes... help :)


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Nov 12, 2007
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Alberta, Canada
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Took these today on the way back from skiing... any help or comments would be great. Thanks :)




4. Still not really sure how to photograph water
Not sure what rig you are working with but are you paying attention to where the meter sampling is occurring? And perhaps over riding it or sampling one area, locking and recomposing the shot? Just some ideas...

-Shea :mrgreen:
Wow... I didn't understand anything you just said Ls3D! I'm just using a canon powershot S5IS

I'm kinda new to photography... so would you possibly be able to explain that in simpler terms???:blushing:
I can't see the photos from my computer...but I'll offer some insight as to what Ls3D was talking about.

When you point the camera at a scene...the camera (the light meter) reads what it sees and gives you settings for the shutter and aperture. These determine the exposure of the image.

You can manipulate the exposure by choosing what the camera sees when the meter takes its' reading. You would do this by pointing it at something and holding down the button halfway. Then recompose (aim back at the whole scene) and take your photo.

For example, if you first point at the bright sky, then recompose to include the will look different than if you used the land and then changed to include the sky.

Another way to change the exposure, would be to change the settings directly (take the camera out of auto mode) or else change the exposure with exposure compensation.

There is no right or wrong exposure...but if you change then exposure and take several shots, you will have some options and can choose what you like best.

Also, when shooting landscapes, you might want to use a tripod. You might want to use a small aperture (or at least use the landscape mode). This will increase your DOF, which means that maybe you can get more things to be in focus.
Wow thanks for the great information! SO helpful... I'll definately give that a try next time. And I'll make sure its on landscape. I did a few on landscape and a few on auto.

Any feedback on the pictures would be great... :)

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