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Nov 1, 2018
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New England
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~ Mission Improbable ~ My gun dog MAC is seen making way toward a trio of Atlantic Brant swimming the waters off of Watch Hill, Rhode Island. Of course, the Brant will take to the air before he ever gets within close proximity to them. It's hard to tell if MAC or the Brant are having more fun with this game. Knowing that this is great low impact cardio conditioning for MAC, I just let him make chase.

Mike ☘️
Lol! Do you worry he will get so tired that you have to go retrieve him?
Lol! Do you worry he will get so tired that you have to go retrieve him?

He swims like an otter and is young and strong. He is trained to recall on three peeps of my whistle and will readily do so as conditioned. As a competition retriever, he swims often and is a highly conditioned K9 athlete. He often does round trip swims in excess of 300 meters. :icon_thumbsup:

When hunting particularly cold waters for lengthy periods of time, I put him in a neoprene vest that keeps his core temperature up and provides him with added buoyancy while he is working.

Mike ☘️
Oh, no! The geese now have PTSD and will require therapy and hot oil massages the rest of their lives........ :rolleyes: (just kidding) Great pic!
Just yesterday I watched a video about animals rescuing other animals and it showed a Yellow Lab rescuing a small fawn. It was awesome to watch so I thought I would share. Skip ahead to @1:22 in the video to see it or watch the whole video, it's all good.

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