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Nov 8, 2011
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Hello y'all so I'm sure you guys came up with this problems as well; its about monitors settings and how/what are the best for "true colors". For my computer set up, I have a laptop and larger monitor as my main display so the other day when I was editing my RAW and PSing I finished a piece. But when I opened the picture file on my laptop screen everything seemed less vibrant and contrasty. I THINK my main monitor makes my images look super contrasty/vibrant, but idk it might just be mine laptop that has dulling color settings (but still I'm pretty sure its the main monitor). So I guess my question is which monitor should I use for editing that will allow my images to have "true colors"? I heart Apple monitors are the best for photography/digital imaging because they're closed to true colors, but again I don't have any extra cash to go buy an Apple monitor, or any new monitor in general...

Here are a few examples, I know they're very BAD example and the image is different from what I see with my eyes, but hopefully it can give you guys a "little" insight :)!



Thanks, the help would be MUCH appreciated :D!
If you don't have a colorimeter and software (which is the only true way to know if your monitor is set right) then go to This Page and do the best you can with it.

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