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Sep 12, 2008
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All with my sigma 70-200 2.8. All at ISO 400.
I was really just messing around with the settings, any input on what I should do would be helpful.

f/11, 1/200

f/6.3, 2.5 sec

f/9, 1.6 sec

f/9, 4 sec

This was the actual color i was getting.


f/11, 5 sec
The mysterious feeling of Photo 3 is quite appealing!
The first is good. The moon ...
But 3 is special with the clouds and twigs and light and dark areas...
The conversions are good, as the orange colour looks kind of "wrong", doesn't it? You'd expect some silvery-bluish light, wouldn't you?
I should think that the most valuable contribution of the posting of your photographs is to inspire others to try their hands at this lesser-known house within the mansion of photography.

In particular, your pictures point out, quite clearly, the importance of choosing those nights when clouds can contribute to the interest of a picture. The specific choice of a foreground element, and whether it is merely a silhouette or exposed to bring out some detail, is also a major compositional element.

The exposure information will be a great aid, also.

On color: under dim light, the photoreceptors in our eyes which are color-sensitive 'fire' far less than the 'b&w' receptors. Color really doesn't register with us at low light levels -- such as in objects seen by moonlight.

Refracted light, though, is something else again. We can see real colors in a moonbow. And, btw, there are two distinctly different sizes of rings around the moon. Should you catch a chance to see one, do note that the sky inside the ring appears darker than the rest of the sky.
The picture is so nice but I am not able to correct your problem.
Okay, thank you for the comments and especially for the explanation of the moon light.
Does any one else have any more info on the settings I was using? I was just wondering if I should focus using on a shorter shutter speed with a wide open aperture, or the opposite. This was my first time shooting any night shots so I was wanting to know if these were the usual to use. I found it did not make that much difference until I got to wide open.
Thanks in advance,

Edit: Also, should I have been shooting at ISO 200?
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