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Mar 2, 2009
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Milton Keyens
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Hi Guys, Im A fan Of Drag Racing so here are some pics from the track and also some action shots of the side shows, And My Grandads car. baring in mind these were taken with an old digital camera so the quality is not great so if possible just look at the objects not quality. sorry just want to see if i have the "photgraphers EYE". thanx.

Also I posted some pics the other day and one comment was to loose the on camera flash, i have a nikon D40 so what would be the best for this camera. Thanx again.






Side Shows.



Thanx Guys....!!!!

P.S The Car With TheWolfe On The SIde Is My Granadads (just for the record)....!!!!
Nice shots of the cars. They are mostly exposed correctly save #4 which looks a little over exposed. When shooting cars your going to want to give them someplace to go in the frame. Also make sure you have the whole car in the frame as well. I was trying some panning this past summer later in the evening and managed to get one decent shot. The rest were a little rough. Below is what I am talking about. The car is in motion you can see a little of where it has been but it is mostly where the car is going. It was a tough capture as the car was traveling over 100mph at that point.

Thankyou For The Comments. This was with my old camera so hopfully i can get some better shots with the new 1. ill take your advise on board and hopfully show you in a pic or two as the racing is back on this easter.

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