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Nov 3, 2005
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Here are some shots I did of a family up in the mountains. It was kind of a difficult shoot as the little girl didn't want to hold still for anything. But, what else is new at that age right? Also, I kept trying to get the mom to keep her head straight, but she kept cocking it like that the whole time! lol



#1 :thumbsup:
great set of photos. #3 and #4 work best for me
You did get a beautiful portrait style photo of the little girl after all. Well done!
They are a nice little family and I also like the second one very, very much!
The first has an appeal all on its own.
That one is the most "artistic", if I can say so, though I doubt it is THAT what a family want for their frames and albums. Nevertheless, I see what is in that one, too!
Thanks everyone! Yeah, the 1st is definitely more artsy, but it's also because she thought it was really funny to turn away as soon as she saw me raise my camera in the slightest! That's why I give 24 images for them to choose from and I try to have more traditional shots and some "artsier" stuff so they can choose which they like better.
These are great! I bet the family will be thrilled. The first and last are my favorites, but they are all really great!
Nice but #3 makes my neck hurt!

#4 is really good.

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