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Mr. Bubbles


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Jun 6, 2010
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So I was giving my son a bubble bath today, and he was being super adorable, so of course I grabbed the camera. I just thought this picture was cute. I tend to go towards that really bright over-processed look..so I'm sorry to all the people that dread it! C&C if you want.

I really like this picture, the post processing might be a tad much though but to each his own. Did you crop this photo by any chance? Its too bad the fingers are cut off, if so I'm guessing you did that so it would be "SFW." I think you should tone down the exposure a bit, because I can barely tell the difference in color between the bubbles on his head and the wallpaper..
Yeah, I did crop it, because his little parts were exposed..and I thought that wasn't necessary (obviously). lol. I'll tone it down a bit and repost.
Yeah, it does..Maybe I can blur that area out...
You could try cloning in some extra bubbles?

Really good capture of the moment though :)
This one is a little better. He hid his "parts" from the camera, so I didn't have to chop off his hands.

These are really sweet, what an adorable little guy =)

It looks, though..like your focus may have fallen on his little fingers, the rest of the image is looking very soft/flat.

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