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Mar 8, 2009
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I was walking outside after it had snowed and our horse, Honey, began following me. When I stopped for a while she began to doze and I took her picture. I was quite satisfied with the outcome.


I entered this picture in the Cutest Pet Contest and if any of you would like to vote for it you can go to this link:

Honey Submitted by: Nathan Szanto Most popular worldwide Pet Photo and Dog Photo Contest! Dog Photo Contest! Dog Picture Contest! International Pet Owners Club Official Site

Thanks for looking, guys!
Tupaco I do like this shot - a good highkey shot I think and with the effects in it it looks almost more like a painting rather than a photo. Further it does have a very restfull pose to the horse and the shot.

I hope I might encourage you to stay around the site rather than just post for votes and vanish
Thanks for the comments! I do hope to stick around and contribute what I can to the forum. I think I'll be able to learn a lot here! Again, thanks for the warm welcome!

Wow, this is such a cool shot!!
Great work!!

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