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Oct 16, 2011
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Vancouver, Bc

Hey guys, I thought I would skid the intro section and go straight to the B&W Gallery. Iv been into photography for four years now, and shoot both film and digital.
I took this last year in Vancouver Bc, on my Minolta Srt 200 with Ilford hp5 400iso film. Thanks.
Nice composition and tonal range - a keeper for sure.

My one quibble is that I can't help wanting a closer look at the phone and its cabinet, which have so many interesting textures and patterns. I'd try cropping (if you don't have a closer shot) almost a third of the frame on top and a little on each side so the phone would be larger in the frame, but without losing the metal conduits or all of the graffiti on the left.
Rather depressingly drab grey; I think it would be much more striking if it were as shade or two lighter.
Personally, I love this shot as is, great framing, great exposure, and I love the dynamic range and look of this b+w film. There's just something about this shot that keeps drawing my eye, which is really interesting for me as I am generally not very interested in photographs that do not display people. I really like it, I wouldn't mind having a print of this on the cover of a journal or something :thumbup::thumbup:
I'm with Lew. I would do some dodging and burning.
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I'm okay with the tonality, but the darker bricks at the top center bother me a bit, as does the fact that the image leans ever so slightly toward the right. Easy to fix with the perspective option on the PS crop tool. It's also just a bit static for my tastes, so maybe a small crop from the left.

Having said all that, I really like the image. It's loaded with character and interest.

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