My first roll of Ilford C41 B&W

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    We took a trip to the zoo and I lent my 10D and 70-200L to my younder sister, so I busted out the 35mm and shot a few rolls of film. One of them i kind of ruined when I opened the back while trying to adjust the strap, the other is HP5 so it needed to be sent out. So here are the results of the C41 B&W.

    I really like how they turned out.

    1. We had to hurry and hop this fence, no time to go around, that giant sleeping hippo in a cage might run away lol

    2. My mom in the back with her XTi 70-200 f4 IS with a 1.4x, and my girl in the foreground with her XT and 75-300 IS

    3. ahh refreshing

    4. And for fun to finish out the roll before i got it developed i put on a 17-50 tamron lens thats meant for Dslrs and I kind of liked the fisheye style


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