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Oct 4, 2011
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The Beautiful Hills of East Tennessee
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A few more from Destin, this time of just one species--the Sanderling, one of the Sandpipers also known as "Peeps," for the little peep, peep noises they make.
An interesting note for bird geeks: The word Sandpiper means, literally "birds that pipe--or "peep"--in the sand." By that definition the Sanderling is one of the only TRUE "Sandpipers." Most Sandpipers forage in mud flats and marshes, but the Sanderling is one of the very few that prefer the habitat of sandy beaches.

Sanderlings are just incredibly entertaining to watch. They rush along the edge of the water, in and out with the ebb and flow of the tide. It's a wonder to me how they never, ever miscalculate and get soaked by a surprise wave crashing to shore, but even with their backs turned, they seem to know just exactly when it's time to scurry off, just ahead and the water rolling in.

I just couldn't stop taking pictures of these little dudes. Lucky for you all, I am only posting a VERY small selection of the photos I actually took!



3. Who you lookin' at, lady?!?

4. Sanderling having a Bad Hair Day:

5. Which Way's Up?!?

6. The Sanderling National Guard

As always, C&C, general comments and witty banter are greatly appreciated!
Yup, nice series. Such cute little guys.

Gosh, that sand is really white. Where you barefoot by chance?
Nice series Sharon, I really like the last one. My only minor nit is that the highlights seem blown/nearly blown in #1.

Thanks, John; I think you're right. I suspect that was taken the first day I took my camera to the beach. I'm used to dealing with bright sunlight while shooting birds, but NOT in combination with that bright white sand!
Nice set :) #4 made me smile, I've had days like that! (smooths hair)
Yup, nice series. Such cute little guys.

Gosh, that sand is really white. Where you barefoot by chance?

Yes, it really is. Here's a photo of the beach shot with my phone camera:

It's the whitest sand and bluest water I've seen outside of the Caribbean.

And yes, actually, I WAS barefoot. :D
OMG, I thought that was snow. you had me freaked out because I'm north of you.

whooo .. luckily it's white sand. I can settle back down now.

nice shots too - I like the "poses" of 3 & 5 the best.
Nice one's Sharon. I guess your nature card is still valid. But I have to go with the "too bright" sand crowd.
Nice shots showing early fall plumage.
Sharon, this is a very nice collection. I think #1, 3 and 5 are my favs.

#5 was posing for you. My favorite.

Do you think it's possible for me to get shots like that with a Nikon D3300 and the kit lens? I really need to figure this camera out, I'm totally frustrated with it.

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