My recent experience with KEH

The journey of one lens from KEH to sparky back to KEH and back to sparky once again.
I used them a bunch of times when I was still in the states. They also do repair services and they do a good job. To me there's no reason to buy new if you can find it used at KEH.

I once ordered a AF-D 20-35mm and took some time to test it. At the end I decided not to keep it just a day after the two-week trial period. I call them up ahead and they let me return at full refund.
I gotta clean my glasses! I read the thread title as, "My recent experience with KmH!" :lol: I was starting to wonder about you Sparky! ;)

Should I start a thread titled, "My recent experience with Michele" or My recent experience with kathythroson"? :mrgreen:

"My recent experience with internet stalking?"
I'm curious if that original lens ended back up on their website for sale?
KEH is awesome. So far I've bought the 70-200mm VR1, 50mm 1.4D and the 60mm 2.8D Micro. All bargain grade and no scratches on the front or rear elements. I'd say they are way better than bargain grade. They work GREAT and I'm completely happy with all my purchases. Well, the 60mm 2.8D has some grime on the metal mount, but no big deal. I'll get around to cleaning it. Anyone know how? Also, I just ordered the Tokina 12-24mm f/4 in Exc condition, so I can't wait to compare to my bargain grade lenses!
KEH customer service is top notch. Last year my "bargain grade" D300 was in awesome shape minus a small scratch on the top lcd. I had to return 2 lenses and there was no hassles. I always check their prices first because they stand behind what they sell...

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