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My recent experience with KEH


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Mar 8, 2011
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No, this isn't gonna be a ***** session. Sorry. :grumpy:

A month ago, I decided to get a 'street zoom' with a bit more reach than my current 24-120 3.5-5.6 Nikkor AF-D, and chose the 28-200 3.5-5.6 AF-D to replace it with. Now, I normally prefer to deal with local businesses, but since this lens is out of production, none of the local stores had one. So I went online to check out what the Big Box stores had. KEH had one, and at a price I liked.

However, I had never dealt with KEH before, but I figured since we're only talking a couple hundred bucks, how bad could it be? So I ordered the best lens they had listed, paid for it, and waited. Well, about a week and a half ago it shows up. Nice looking lens.... just needed a bit of proper cleaning of the glass (apparently, someone used a fluid that left a hazy residue on the surface... ick!). Seemed solid and ready to go, so I pop it onto my D600.

Errrr.... cu-Runch! The lens sounded like I was running ice cubes through a blender when it tried to auto-focus. I tried the lens on my second D600... same thing. Imagine a teenager learning to drive a clutch. I tried both my other D-series lenses on both cameras, and they operated just fine. So....... the issue must be with the lens.

After closer inspection, I noticed that turning the focus ring on the lens did not turn the drive screw on the lens mount. Nor turning the drive screw manually would turn the focus ring. Not good. So I thought I'd try manual focus and at least check the optics.

Bzzzzt. The focus ring hard-stopped at 15 feet, and would not focus any further away. Infinity was OOF even stopped all the way down. Rats. I got a dud.
I pick up the invoice & paperwork that came with the lens and gave KEH a jingle. Nice man answered my call, and I calmly explained I just received a $175 paperweight. We first discussed repairing it, but we both realized the cost of repair would most likely exceed the price of the lens. He clickity-click checked his computer, and found on in slightly better condition than what I had ordered (I purchased the best they had at the time), on which he placed my name.

He sent me an email with a link to print a return shipping label. I just filled out an RMA form, packaged the lens back up in the same box it arrived in, slapped the label on, and dropped it off at the nearest FedEx location. Two days ago, I come home from work with an identical box on my porch.

Inside the box was my replacement lens.
This one not only came with front (Nikon's center pinch-style) & rear caps, but also the matching HB-12 hood and original box! And this copy has turned into my new 'street' lens: After testing the lens over the past couple days, I found it's actually sharper than I had anticipated. And I can deal with the distortion issue in post if needed.

Sorry if you were expecting a *****-n-moan thread, but it seems we get a first-time poster on occasion who uses the forum to complain about how badly they're treated. I just thought it'd be nice to post something positive for a change.

A big KUDOS for KEH.
Nice. I sold some lenses to KEH and they quoted me a fair price. When they received them they emailed and said they were better than I said and paid me an extra $25.00!
That's good to know. Not many companies are still friendly when it comes to returning a defective item.

When I'm looking for a used lens I'll definitely check KEH first. I've heard nothing but good things about

Nice. I sold some lenses to KEH and they quoted me a fair price. When they received them they emailed and said they were better than I said and paid me an extra $25.00!

I'm impressed. Honesty like that is hard to come by. Any other site would have just given you what you were originally quoted for without a second thought.
I've done well buying from KEH - too well! I've probably bought used from them more than anywhere else, I've found their condition ratings to be reliable and often better than expected.
I like KEH. I've never had an issue aside from a delay in shipping because the item I ordered wasnt available anymore but that was it. All else has been great.
ive used KEH for years. always gotten good service from them.
Love KEH. They do kinda lowball you when buying your used stuff, but I can't blame them. And usually they are way high on their "like new" and "new" stuff, most of the time is it cheaper to buy new from bh or adorama. But I have done well buying "ex" lenses from them.

KEH is first rate. I have bought stuff from them and also had them do CLA's on a couple of cameras - everything goes smoothly, regardless of transaction type. I trust them explicitly!
I've also had a good experience with KEH. Although, their shipping rates to Canada have prevented me from buying much.
Why wouldn't this be inspected before it was shipped out of their facility? It seems like this is a pretty big red flag, BUT they handled it very well.
I've bought two lenses from KEH and both were better than anticipated. They'll get more of my money. What surprised me was the six month warranty paperwork that came with the Nikkor 70-210 f4 macro lens.
Yanno it sucks to get a lemon from a vendor. But really, what matters is what happens AFTER the mistake is made.

Too many whiny entitled people instantly go on the warpath... and then have the nerve to act surprised and cry online when war rains down on their head.

It's great see a SANE normal customer have a bad thing happen... and be patient and reasonable enough to work it through to a happy ending.

Kudos to you. And to KEH.
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I gotta clean my glasses! I read the thread title as, "My recent experience with KmH!" :lol: I was starting to wonder about you Sparky! ;)
I gotta clean my glasses! I read the thread title as, "My recent experience with KmH!" :lol: I was starting to wonder about you Sparky! ;)

Should I start a thread titled, "My recent experience with Michele" or My recent experience with kathythroson"? :mrgreen:

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