My S5000 renamed a someones name!

Discussion in 'Digital Discussion & Q&A' started by Dom0803, Aug 22, 2006.

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    Ok this is kinda strange. I have a fuji S5000 and I took a good clatter of photos with it, as you do. I was browsing through them a few weeks ago on my camera, when it said there was an error with the card (or something like that.. it was blue with white text and red bg behind the text) so I turned my camera off and back on again. Worked fine. I decided to add all the photos to my desktop, and much to my confusion the photo I took which you can see at the end of the post, was renamed to gary close.JPG.

    What is odd, it was amongst a collection of 5 photos, and it was renamed leaving only 4 DSCF.. named photos. I've only just noticed now, as I'm certain I took 5. Not to mention it doesn't seem to be a duplicate. I don't know whether it was the last of the set I took or whether it was the first, but the others are named in order...

    I tried doing a little bit of googling like 'fujifilm gary close' to see if it had popped up before, or if maybe there was a programmer that worked on the S5000 software and it was one of their little pranks.. but to no avail, no returns on gary close.

    Anyone got any ideas?

    EDIT: yea, link to photo...

  2. Maybe as you shot the image, somewhere Gary Close got killed and his soul was captured as data by your camera. And because you shot .jpg rather than raw, you just really compressed him. Now, if he can ever get out (possibly as data throughout the internet on a hunt for his killer) he will be reborn as a much smaller version, lacking depth and color.

    Not sure though, could be something else as well.
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    :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: That's hilarious

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