My self a swimsuit!

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Been spending a lot of time on here!
Oct 11, 2012
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Yes, you read it correctly. You are not allowed to make fun of me! :) This is NOT the most flattering pose at all! It looks like I have huge legs, but I really liked the image so I wanted to share it anyways.
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Very few others will get this, but shades of Esther Williams. Another lovely swimmer.
Great form :thumbup:
Great swim agree with baturn about shades. But plenty nice one promote and share with us.
Great photo, i love underwater action shots. Makes me want to sneak into my neighbors backyard for a dip :)
No doubt, the water easily adds ten pounds that aren't really there. :biggrin:
Very 50's vibe to this. I like it, now for the out of the pool shots...
Wow, I really love this.
Bad a$$ Kathy. The only issue I see is the framing cutting you off. But honestly, underwater, sharp, elegant...I really have no complaints. Nice work.
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