Na'Pali Coast


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Nov 3, 2007
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Went on an awesome cruise and fortunately the ship went right up the Na'Pali coast. Got a few, thought I would share. The whale could be better...

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To say something I don't say much........................Awsome, man.

I'd be proud to say that whale shot was mine. ron
What a picture the first one is - pity you dont allow editing, because there is some lovely detail waiting to come out which will just bring it alive
I can shoot you the file if you want. i just don't know how to use photoshop or me if interested, I would like to see what could be done.
Just change your profile to allow editing and I'll show you. It has the advantage that you may also learn from others when you post images.
Kaua'i is a beautiful island. Went there on my Honeymoon and can't wait to get back.

Like the 1st shot. The whale looks overprocessed.
That scenery is jaw-droppingly beautiful!* And nice snap of the whale tail, complete with rivers of water running off of it. Thanks for sharing these.

*I agree, though, that even some easy/basic photoshop actions like 'auto levels' would bring out more detail in the hills (in shots 1 and 2 especially), and really make them pop. AncientSnapper's edit gives an example of what PS can do, and I'd be interested in what you think of it.
These are great. I have never seen it from the water before. I spent 2 weeks hiking on Kauai and the 10 mile Na Pali coast hike was my favorite. There is a trail that goes right along the edge, it is only one way though, you need to walk 20 miles to do it. Thanks for bringing back some wonderful memories.
I just got back from Kaua'i and wow, that island is great. An excellent book to check out is Kaua'i Edge by Steve Alterman and Scott Hanft.

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