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Sep 24, 2011
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Been real busy this summer just a few from last weekend. Last one has a water color filter for SnG.


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OMG! my wife LOVES cheez-Its!
did that car do well?
(i don't watch racing idea who it is)
Watkins Glen is my old track were I was the track photographer for 16 years back in the F1 days. I know the locations on the track where you took these just by looking at them. Nice photos of the race. John
Jad - I wish I knew that, they put up some huge catch fences at the top of the esses. You can still get the` shot but a little different angle. Nascar rules are also much different than Rolex 6 Hour race. They really limit where you can and can't shoot from. There is some talk that Nascar could run the boot in a year or so. The race is 90 laps as it is. Cautions really put a damper on things. There was a red flag which was a huge hold up. Id give anything to go back in time and shoot F1. Indy is a maybe but who knows with that series. Either way The Glen is my new favorite track, although Im going to Sonoma for Indy Car/World Challenge next week.
You should hit up the Circuit of the Americas in Austin TX. Its the new F1 track, I was there for the opening race and it was awesome...Not sure about places to shoot there though I was with a bunch of friends and didn't bring my camera, which was dumb dumb dumb and did I mention DUMB!!!!!....I really like the B&W of Kyle Busch's car....Toyota FTW lol

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