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Dec 30, 2007
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I'm pretty new to photography, I've been using my dad's camera a little while now and I'm just looking for some helpful feedback. I'm also totally new to the whole editing side of things. I do have a copy of photoshop so if anyone could give me some pointers on what I could do to the pitures to give it that extra something if it would help? Some were taked with my dad's Cannon S3, some with my girlfriend's cheap sony, you can probably tell the difference.

Here's a link instead of posting all of them

This one's probably my favourite though,

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cool! the greens seem a bit blueish to me. i would adjust that, but that's just my personal taste
How would I go about giving the chameleon a really vibrant, alive colour if you know what I mean by that?
It'd be tough to make the Chameleon stand out as it is the same color as the background, but then again, if it wasn't, there'd be no chameleons left alive, am I right? It'll be tough to make that chameleon stand out in this shot, maybe get one of them blue suckers, or orange ones, them's sweet.

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