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Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by brijul, Jul 11, 2009.

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    I have a Canon 40 D body w/ 70-200 4.0 Image Stabilized and also a EFS17-85 Image Stabilizer both Canon.Also have a 580 ex II. I'm interested in fast paced retail portrait photography. my lighting system should be durable do to traveling on rough roads some and puts out consistant quality lighting. I really would appreciate the help.

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    Since you say fast paced and traveling rough roads. I am guessing you need something to move from one place to the next effeciently.

    I would then say you need a couple more flashes, stands, umbrella's, snoots, reflectors, or soft boxes (what you feel like you need for light modifiers). Moving around monolights with cords or power packs don't really facilitate "fast paced". Battery powered flashes would be the quickest (lightest) and probably most secure items for rough travel. Now they won't have the power of monolights. But for portraits, flashes will be just fine. And since you want fast paced, having lights for each angle instead of say, 2 lights and a reflector would probably be faster set up wise.

    But basically maybe a main light, a second light, a hair or back light. Will give very good professional results. Maybe a 4th to throw a background light (deppends on background used). Don't have to have all these lights, but then you will be spending time setting up and adjusting reflectors and such.

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