Need Help from Photogs to beat Videographer


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Dec 8, 2007
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Hi Everyone,

I really need your help. I just won the photo category of a online media competition. Now I have to compete against an essay and a video for the grand prize. The winner is decided by popular vote. Problem is the video is getting 3X as many views(probably more votes).

I need help from people who don't need to be "told" every part of the story. Those who would rather look at a picture and come up with their own words and music to go along.

Please click on this link to my photo and voting page and give me some help. You don't have to register or anything, just click the "vote" button.

Please, Please help my photo BEAT the video.


Lisa Heidinger
Trojan Horsemen Demo Team

PS- I work for an airshow Demo team and the picture is of me working at an airshow. great site for aviation photography
I voted...but I'd say next time...don't spam our forum...I only did it cause I know how hard it is to compete with videos for the best media piece.
Sorry, If offended. I thought this was the best place to post my photo and who better to understand how hard to compete against video.

I won a great camera with the photo, so I plan on staying a member of this forum and hope to learn and post more photos.

Thank you for your vote, and sorry if I don't quite understand the etiquette.

Sorry but if the girl in the photo didn't look like she was about to cry, I'd of said that it captured the "dreams of flight" but the picture portrayed "fear of flight" so I didn't vote. I didn't go and vote for the video either though.

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