need help real quick. good price for nikon 85mm 1.8d


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Dec 8, 2011
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There is a 85mm 1.8d for sale here local. He is asking $280 but possibly if i could get it for $250 would it be worth buying?
I have a general rule with electronics, they are worth half retail plus some. I usually check Adorama for their prices since they offer used as well, and their used come with a warrenty, so if the random seller is selling for close what Adorama is, I just buy adorama for the peace of mind. If its much less, then its worth the possible loss.
$250 is a good price for that lens compared to what they go for used on Craigslist in the Tampa area
hmm, its $459 there, but i cannot find it used. there, i see one on ebay thats got a lot of bids and a day left its at $270 plus shipping. i guess im just going to go give it a try on my camera and probably buy it, he said he will take $260, sounds fair...
$250 is a very good price.

The best way to check prices of used items is to do a completed item search on ebay and see what they're actually selling for. The going price for an AF-D ebay now is about $350, the AF version sells for a little less around $250-300.
just picked it up. its a great lens for its light weight, and feels very solid, much better then my old 35mm 1.8dx that felt kinda cheaply made

here is a little test picture, did some 100% crop views of it and its very sharp. this one is 2.8 1/200 sec, no flash, 100 iso. seems like it renders colors well, like natural when you give it a very slight bump with saturation and vibrance in post, as im shooting in raw with everything turned off.


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