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May 26, 2013
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So, last night, at a pro soccer game, i took a picture of one of my favorite players about to warm up .

However, the photo came out a bit blurry.

I hear photoshop CC has an unblur feature.

Can anyone do me a huge favor and unblur it for me?

Post or PM if you can do this

Thanks in advance.

I'm not aware of any "unblur" feature other than sharpening tools, and they will only camoflage a very minor amount of softness. Unfocused/blurred images are one of the very few things which are almost impossible to correct.
Photoshop Creative Cloud does have a new de-blurring feature called "Camera Shake Reduction"
Photoshop CS6 does not have this feature.
There are other de-blurring software - eg Focus Magic. The results can be surprisingly good but don't expect an out-of-focus image to suddenly become crystal clear.
Photoshop CS6 does not have the shake reduction as it has more advanced features such as the Smart Sharpen where you can actually choose a specific type of blur you want to correct (gaussian, lens or motion blur).
Of course these tools aren't magic so they usually only work with minor blurs.

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