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Jul 6, 2010
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I took a great photo of my kids, only problem is that I was too close when taking the shot and cut off the top of my son's head. I have several other photos taken in the same session with the top of his head in the picture. So, I was wondering if I could somehow cut and past the top of his head from one picture to the one where it is missing.


Im afraid I can't help you with photoshop but it would probably help the other members on this forum who are proficient with this software if they could see the pictures you are referring to.

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Sure it can be done but depending on the background it could be a lot of work. It's not just his head but the whole top of image you need to add.

Post a link.
It's possible, but the way you say that you want it, you might end up with a photo where his head sticks up past where the rest of the photo stops.
I'd use the third shot to fix the first. That way you could use the background sky.

Open both files in PS. Use select all on the photo to use for a patch, then edit, copy. Move to the target photo and edit, paste.

You'll need to correct the top of his head. Use either filter, distortion, lense correction, or edit, transform.

That's the bare basics. This could get time consuming and complicated. You may be best finding a forum with some kind of PS challenge section and putting up the originals and let the wizards have at it. Since you have the 3rd shot, someone will be able to fix it up for you. Good luck.

Ill do it for $20 via paypal :p. You dont have to pay until you see the result (watermarked of course ;)).
Here is my attempt. Just a quick edit. No need to charge ya!!!!

Nice job. But if you want to do it right maybe you should work on the high resolution photo.

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