never done it, I have now, I might do it again ?:)

Robin... its milk

thank you tirediron .... I failed alot poured too fast but the keepers are ones that I am very happy with :)
this one I love even more, next mixing colours

Milk II by Binga63, on Flickr
These are amazing! Wow!
Yep through a fishtank and I turned the image upside down..... I am trying to figure out how[FONT=Lucida Grande, Lucida, Verdana, sans-serif] Alberto Seveso captures his images, so milk tonight and then tomorrow I will use 2 syringes 1 with condensed milk and the other with condensed milk coloured red hopefully it works

binga, i use condensed milk a lot growing up. I can tell you right now it wont do anything crazy. Ill google Alberto's work.
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Very cool! I've been meaning to do this with ink, but haven't gotten to it yet. I like this with the milk, and it'd be easy to add some food coloring to it! :D
How did you light these? They're gorgeous?
ok, flash set on lowest power and diffused 1/128, fishtank filled with water , camera f11, 1/200 sec, black paper at the back of the tank and beneath to reduce reflections from the flash, a remote, pour the milk slowly and click away, you will get nice ones, ones that have no value at all and a tank filled with milk that needs to be cleaned to start again, process the images, flip in photoshop and that is it :)

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