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Jan 11, 2012
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Durand, MI
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The names Jasmine. I'm 24 (gosh, it feels so weird to say that... I'll be 25 in October *cringe*) and I'm from a little town in Michigan...and I grew up in an even smaller town. I've been into photography ever since I can remember, always running around with some kind of camera.

I started out with a Rebel T1i that I got for my birthday three years ago, and upgraded to go into business with a Mark II about a year and a half ago. The Mark II is my baby... and it has paid for itself a few times over. I left my job as a Manager at a Subway (... 7 years was long enough!) to pursue my photography. I'm backed by my Husband, and my supporting family and friends. They are the fuel that feeds the fire. I also make soap, candles, and jewelry. I also dabble in sewing. I also run a greenhouse at home!

I don't claim to be professional nor an expert. I still learn something new every day. I have been told I do great work and I've even made people cry when I show them their prints... this is what I live for. My passion is photography... I don't try to be like others, I have my own style :D

I've never been part of a Photography Forum, so hopefully I'll learn some new things and meet some awesome friends. I sure could use some that are interested in the same things I am!
wow, thats a really nice story! I clicked on this cus you said that you're from michigan and I'm from a small-ish town michigan town myself! I am new here aswell but i hope i get to see some of your photos soon! :)
Thanks for the welcomes!!

Where are you from, Beast?

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