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    Hello everyone. My name is Jeff and I live in Dallas,Tx.
    I have been shooting for 10 years as a hobby. Some recent changes in my personal life has afforded me the freedom to pursue photography more seriously.
    I am taking 3 credit hours this semester which will finish up my AA&S. Depending on what happens over the summer, I may start my Bachelors.
    I truly hope to be doing some assisting by that point though.
    Before I got into photography I was a glazier (glass installer) for many years.
    I am in the process of getting my comp setup for print production and will be in the market for some new gears such as negative scanner, printer and so forth. I'll be sure to post some of my images when I do.
    My training was in film and I am glad I took a break from photography while it transitioned into digital. Lets face it, it's a digital world out there!
    I guess thats it for now!

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