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Aug 30, 2010
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Westbrook, CT
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I posted a thread earlier in the beginner's gallery as that is what I consider myself, but I was looking around and saw this section and as I upload photos, I will add them here. Feel free to criticize and give suggestions.






They're ok photos... not the most interesting subjects, but one thing you can work on is your composition. Read up on the "rule of thirds." I can see you going for something like this, but there is slightly uncomfortable composition in a couple of them. Keep working at it, you've got a great start!
Thanks, I am happy to learn. I just took up photography as a hobby and for stress relief. It is good to hear people give honest criticism as it is the only way to better myself. After hearing you tell me to use the rule of thirds, I just noticed that in most of those photographs I have the horizon splitting the image in half and that is a no-no isn't it.
I won't say it's a nono, I'll just say that if you want to break the rules, you should at least know what they are. After you know most of the general composition rules, you can decide which one fits your photo the best, or if you think that something completely different would work. It's just like grammar. The great authors didn't always follow grammatical rules to the letter, but when they broke them, they always knew that they were. Hope this helps!
Thanks for the advice. I just picked up some general photography books the other day. I hope that my pictures will benefit from studying some technique. I do not feel comfortable with landscapes or people yet which is why I have stuck to mostly flowers and animals.I will post more, hopefully better pictures as I learn.

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