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New Photographer


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Apr 9, 2009
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Im new to camera buying...can someone tell me what I need to be looking for when I buy a camera? Maybe some ideas of what kind I should start out with....
This isn't something anyone can really help too much with; there are too many variables, but if you have a budget in mind, we can offer suggestions on the pros and cons of various cameras which will meet that. I would suggest however that you consider spending some time at a local camera club and talk directly with other photographers who can help you decide in what direction you want to go.
1. are you taking pictures at leisure or wanting to turn photography into a hobby? Point and shoot vs. DSLR

2. Don't let people fool you. Canon is no better than Olympus. Olympus is no better than nikon. nikon is no better than Canon. Lenses make alot of difference, and it is basically user preference as to which brand you choose. Choosing a model is a little bit of a different story. good luck.

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