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Dec 1, 2007
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So my business partner and I are moved into our new studio. It's a little messy but we're in the process of organizing right now. Here are a couple of quick shots I did this morning.




This is the back room. We took a grey card to the local Lowes and had them match the color and make some paint for us. The entire room is painted 18% grey.

Nice! Good luck!
Very cool!!! You guys must be proud. I would re think the orange walls. And I would definitely invest in a couple of rolls of seamless paper. Better yet think about building a cyc if you think you re going to be there a while.

Love & Bass
They're not actually orange. They're a light cream but I forgot to change my WB back from custom. I still had it on custom for the setup in the first room with the strobes... Oops...
Very cool and it's great to have some space around, especially when doing portrait photography. I like "Red Door Photography" it starts to attract even outside and invites to go in. Good look!
Thanks! I've been putting it to good use already. Done several portrait shoots there. Had 5 wedding consultations there. Hoe to keep doing more and more though
AWESOME! i love that "orange" color. that is exactly what i want to paint my kitchen in. keep that color! it's very studio-looking. you don't want a drab grey or blue. that is a good pro mood color if you know what i mean.

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