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Feb 4, 2012
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I'm new to the forum and photography. I'm a creature of the night and have found that I like long exposures. Any feedback you guys could give me would be great.

I wish i could have gotten the bridge a little brighter in #1.

I took several versions of #2. I think I should have bumped the ISO up and used a shorter exposure, I think the stars are distracting, also the tree ended up being too bright.

I really like #1. You are correct, the tree is a bit bright, but otherwise I think it is a nice exposure. The star trails, IMO, add nicely to the picture. It does seem to tilt to the left, on top of the fact that a little "perspective" fix is needed because the tree and steeple are leaning towards each other, which makes me a bit dizzy. Having said that, I still really like the feel of the shot.
#2 would appeal to me better if the bridge was at more of a diagonal.
how long was your exposure, if you don't mind me asking.

these are neat. :)
I like number one but it looks tilted to the left to me. I think it would be strong if you could straighten out the fence line along the bottom third grid line. I'm afraid it would make the steeple tilt too much though. Other than that I think it's a great capture.
I thought this was fun...

You chopped the top of the tree off.
If you're going to do that, make sure 90% of the tree isn't visible.

Also, there's something going on in #1.
Like the bridge is on a different photo-layer with a complete different exposure. It's popping off the screen to me. Looks weird.
I'm sorry I don't know how to explain it better.

I really like the detail in the building in the back though, looks very neat.

Overall: Watch the tilt, watch for cutting things off (tree tops, hands, heads, feet,)

#2 I think could benefit from a crop.
Make more of the road the center of attention.
There are some cool details in the space below the bridge, but the brightness balance ratio is off.
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I like them and Bitter's crop. Seems like I read anything longer than 30 sec you start getting star trails. That sound right? I'm curious about your settings as well. Did you light (light paint?) the tree?
Mmm. Ok.

Yeah there are times cutting stuff does work, and times it does not, and the percentages are arbitrary and image dependent.

I found your comment, "make sure 90% isn't visible", a rather odd thing to suggest.
Thanks for the input. The issue with the fence may be with the fence being built on a slant, rather than the photo. I might try going back and try to keep the tree and the steeple vertical. I think I can avoid that by not tilting the camera upwards.

And yes I was playing with the flashlight. Like everything in life light painting is more difficult than it looks. It is hard to find the balance between too much and not enough. But I thought it gave the tree and the bridge a cool effect.

I think the exposure was around 2 minutes. I think I will need to do at least 4 to make the star trails longer and seem less blurry, or less than 1 to keep them fairly still.

I have found that hardest thing is trying to compose and focus a photo with only moonlight. It was also around 10 degrees last night so I could only stay out for so long.

I'm going to try to get #2 again but in some different light and try a few different angles. There is potential there, I just have to find a way to capture it.
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I have found that hardest thing is trying to compose and focus a photo with only moonlight. It was also around 10 degrees last night so I could only stay out for too long.

This is very true.
You are adjusting your eyes to the darkness, and if you're like me you're using a flashlight to point out while you look through the view finder... then transitioning back to the darkness can make you see dots. :lol:

Being cold definitely doesn't help either.
The star trail didint' work in #1, would be better if it didn't trail. It's a good shot though.

#2 it would be better to keep the bridge on the bottom of the photo and more of the top. Even if you crop a lot of the top of to do a panaromic shot.

GJ though :thumbup:
I tried to straighten it a bit. Dont know if this helped or not. Still looks a bit skewed. Lens distortion maybe?


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