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Oct 29, 2007
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hey so i just bought my first camera. its a nikon coolpix L100. has the body of a dslr, with the simplicity of a point and shoot. im just an amateur and just really trying to see some cool stuff i can do with it. im usually the one at the party taking pictures anyways so i figured id upgrade from my camera phone and start getting legit with it. so anybody know a website or something that has some neat ways to take pictures or anything? thanks and ive enjoyed reading all the posts so far!
North. (Sorry, old pun.)

You've found a website full of tips on neat ways to take pictures. The other thing to do is to look at other peoples' pictures -- check out Flickr or any other website with tons of shots, and see what people do with their cameras. Then see if you can do it yourself.

Oh, and make sure you take the camera off auto mode.
North. (Sorry, old pun.)

I thought it was West...

Yeah, like Bob said - you already found a pretty good website for what you want to know. Try to copy shots you like - if you can't ask everyone here for help. (A few books can't hurt either... ;))
hey thanks for the info. ive been playing around a little bit with the different modes. its no dslr so its not too customizable, but ive been figuring out ways to tweak it here and there. its got this vibration reduction thing, but some of my pics are coming out looking just a little soft? not crisp or shart lines or anything. any guesses?
oh yeah here are a couple of pics. i really love the panorama option and program. i think they look really good. too bad my other ones didnt turn out this well!

night shot of my front room:


same room but in the day (and only 2 walls instead of 3):


what do yall think?
Neither of them have a subject.
ya i was just messing with the panorama assist feature.

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