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Aug 27, 2010
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When I first took this, I LOVED it... now after looking here, I'm almost embarrassed to post it...:blushing:

First two belong to me, third doesn't. In the first two shots my flash was downstairs so I was trying to compensate with ISO and ambient light and for the third I had added my flash on. I know the second is grainy, thus the reason I sought out this board. I'm trying to decide whether I'll get a better result in a similar situation if I upgrade my camera (Rebel XTi).



stats on this one: f/2.8 1/1000s ISO 1600 50mm



A little about me: I'm not a 'for hire' photographer. I would love to be one, but instead I'm in sales in the juvenile products industry (secondly) and first a mom. I want to be able to take the professional level shots of my kids myself. I bought the Rebel XTi 3 years ago and just haven't had enough time to learn everything. I think I have a pretty good eye, but I'm just not well enough versed to get the most out of my camera. I have CS4 but again don't know enough to get maximum benefit. But hopefully I've found the right place and can learn! I do shoot in manual and in RAW (burned by exposure too many times when shooting in jpg).

I also haven't found how most of you are posting so I'm just using PB. If there's a better way, I'd love to hear it.
Im still a newbie so i dont know much, but take em outside as much as possible for the pics, real limited inside with the light. you say u have a flash, so bounce it off the ceiling or use it off camera if possible. I dont think the pics are that bad, the first is oof, and the second is quite noisy, third is the best one as far as a portrait, just keep shooting and reading and asking questions.
never be embarassed to post up here.
this place is overflowing with knowledge, and you will soak it up quickly.

little bit of noise, but i wouldnt worry about know why its there. so you're ahead of the game.

also, got down to be eye level with them!!! you're not towering over them taking arials!! again...YOU'RE AHEAD OF THE GAME! :thumbup:

welcome to the forums.
read. shoot. shoot. read. read. shoot. shoot. shoot. read.
in no particular order. ;)

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