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Jan 8, 2012
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Hello everyone I just bought my first ever DSLR (canon 600d) yesterday, so I'm completely new to photography. I don't know anything about the advance settings of the camera and what's what but I'm wanting to learn. I have a 2yr old son who Ia everything to me and I love taking photos of him hence the reason I decided to get a good quality photo. I'm after any guidance/tips that anyone can give me to help increase my knowledge and if anyone knows any good websites/courses/books that they can refer me to it would be ever so helpful. Thanks heaps in advance it is greatly appreciated. Regards
My advice to you is ready the manual and usually the 600d comes with some handy little books that explain some basic principles of how to use the camera and photography itself. After that you can look up anything you dont understand , there is so much information out there and here on the forums.
Yes, absolutely read the manual..that will show you where all the functions are and what they do. To learn the basics I've been watching videos on youtube (froknowsphoto, New To Photo, etc) and got some books. in particular "Complete Digital Photography" by Ben Long which provides a good and broad overview. There are other books that other people have found useful as well. Also, I'm considering getting the "Master and Learn" book/DVD set/CD collection that people have given good reviews is essentially a photography class on DVD with supplemental material. Finally, you will need to understand post-processing...considering watching tutorials or getting a book on the program of your choice (ie. photoshop (or elements), Lightroom, etc.)
The tutorial videos made by New to Photo and froknowsphoto will explain the basics and I thing be a big help. Oh and of course practice, practice, practice!
Hope this helps!
Welcome. As it's only been mentioned twice, READ THE MANUAL!!!! Really, read it - there's a TON of information in there, and probably 75% of your questions can be answered right there. As mentioned, YouTube is a great resource, and there are a ton of on-line 'sites. This is my personal favorite tutorial site. Depending on how serious you want to get you can post images here for comments and critique by other members (Referred to as "C&C"), but don't be discouraged if some of the comments seem harsh. Also, check our your area for local camera clubs... they're a wealth of good information.
Thanks so much everyone. I have started going through and reading the manual which has been helpful. Thanks for referring me to YouTube, websites and books. I will def have a look at those. Really want to understand it all. Thanks again its greatly appreciated
Besides reading the manual till you understand it completely…

The best advice I've seen on this forum recommended : Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson. I read it once and am starting to again.
After reading the manual... when you are practicing and learning/studying the tutorials keep your manual handy at all times. You will understand it more and more as you learn an being able to refer to it will help a LOT.
I also recommend the magic lantern guide or similar for your camera. They are like a manual but much more in depth explanation on all of those features.

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