Next generation DSLRs from Pentax or Sony?

Don Simon

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Jul 4, 2005
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Hi all, haven't been on here in quite a while. It's good to be back, and I'll get back into my old routine straight away by asking a stupid question that's probably been asked a million times already... :)

I'm thinking of expanding my lens collection at the moment, however I currently have two main systems in 35mm cameras/lenses - Pentax (K-mount plus a couple of M42) and Minolta AF. Ideally I would go for the best glass for the best value for either system, since I intend to continue using both for 35mm. However I'm finally realising that not only can I not hold back the tide of digital progress, but that it may not be such a bad thing after all. I can definitely see the appeal of DSLRs, and know that I will need one if I hope to get a job that in any way involves taking photos.

My problem is not that I don't know which current DSLR to get, but which future one to get. I know there's nothing wrong with 6mp, and that using the right software I can probably get better results from a 6mp DSLR than with 35mm, but then again IMO there's also nothing wrong with waiting for something even better.

So my question (phew, got there eventually) is this: does anyone know anything about either what Pentax is planning for their next generation of DSLRs, or about Sony's "Alpha" range of Minolta AF-mount DSLRs? I know nothing at all about the former, and about the latter only what Sony's website tells me, i.e. nothing. I'm interested in finding out which is the safer bet so I know whether to go for Pentax or Minolta mount lenses. I know it was probably a stupid question, but was hoping that either someone else has had better luck with Google than me, or that someone on here might be an 'insider' :wink: - come on, nothing wrong with a little industrial espionage, right? Thanks in advance for any info, and thanks for reading this far anyway!
It may be too soon to see what Sony will do with their Minolta pick up. You would think they would stay with the Minolta "system" of accessories. That way they could bring products under their name to market much quicker. And also immediately have a base of past customers. I also think they will make some moves like putting out some film scanners under name. Really Nikon is about the only ones now with dedicated film scanners of top quality. Is the market big enough for 2 players. I don't know. I don't think Sony would have picked up Minolta without some planning. Considering they had already had their own p&s line of digitals.
Thanks for the reply. The Sony Alpha range is actually due this summer, and will definitely support the Minolta AF mount - whether it will support other Minolta accessories is not made clear. In fact very little else is made clear on Sony's website; I was just wondering whether any further info (even just megapixel count) had been released on either this range or future Pentax DSLRs, other than what has been announced officially by those companies. I would be surprised if no info at all has come out considering the Alpha range is being launched this summer (unless camera companies have a policy of shooting employees for releasing product info :) ).

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