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May 25, 2011
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I took my Niece out scouting for locations to shoot her senior pictures. We came across this spot with the "cotton candy" sunset starting to happen. I kinda love this picture. I stayed away from my usual warming up process in post, and I think I like it.
Your thoughts?

$S - 15.jpg
Nicely done; maybe just a touch hot hot on the fill, but you've done a nice job retaining the detail in the sky. I would suggest avoid having the subject turn their head quite so much however; if you'd turned her body about 15-20 toward the camera and a her head not quite so far, you would have eliminated those wrinkles on her neck. Agree that a tighter crop would help as well.
Here's my version:

$S - 15 - Version 2.jpg
Very pretty! I agree I'd like to see her filling the frame more.. or maybe less even? Feels like its caught somewhere in between being about the girl and about the scene or something.
Here's my take (cloned-out OOF grass in the foreground, high-pass sharpening, slight curves adjustment to bring out the blue a little more in the sky):

The grasses in the foreground are part of the whole gestalt of the original composition, and cloning them out weakens the shot. I'd agree with tirediron's comment that the fill light is a tad too hot on her face. This could be cropped any number of ways. I think ronlane's crop looks the best of all I've seen here so far.

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