Nikon d300 to 700?


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Feb 10, 2009
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Hey all so I have been doing some research online but wanted to talk to people and get their feelings on this. I have a nikon d80 and the quality is getting to a point now that I am in need of a better quality camera. (and yes I know the glass is where its at but Im slowly working my way to buying new/better glass.) So I do a lot of long exposures and was wondering which camera people thought would be best the d300 or 700. they seem pretty simlilar. and these are closer in my budget than the d3 or d3x. any thoughts would be great! Thanks!

Hi Austin - The D300 is a DX (APS) size format sensor. The D700 is an FX (full frame) size sensor.

So it depends what lenses you have. Do you have all DX format lenses? If you have DX format lenses they will vignette on the D700.

ah man. so if i were to get the 700 i would have to trade out all the lenses and get all new ones to fit? and arent the fx lenses a lot more expensive than the dx?
The d7000 will be out in days and can be ordered pre-release now. Check it out.
The d7000 will be out in days and can be ordered pre-release now. Check it out.

The D7000 is only slightly better then his d300, so it wouldn't be a worthwhile upgrade IMO.

The D700 is a significant upgrade, being that it's a full-frame sensor camera. Although you'll need FX compatible lenses.

FX lenses are not always more expensive, in fact they've been in production longer then dx lenses, and there are a lot on the used market.
I'd go for a D7000. If you went with the 700, the only lens you'd be able to use is your 60mm and the 70-300. But if you do that, you can sell the 18-70 and 11-16, and with that money, help fund the 16-35VR.

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