Nikon D40x users, HELP ME! anybody, HELP ME!


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Aug 6, 2010
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Alright so I did a shoot of just random stuff I had around my house, now I shot all of it in RAW. For some reason when I plug in my camera to transfer the photos, only the ones shot in "FINE" will show up on the computer, when trying to select the ones I want the RAW ones aren't even there. Now i'm not happy at all the RAW shots I would have to say are some of the better ones I have taken. Is there any way to get them to show up on the screen so that I can select them.


It shows 35 pictures when in fact I took 61. Why don't the others show up?
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Try going to my computer>camera and see if they show in there. It might just be the transfer wizard for windows not recognizing RAW as a picture file.
DON'T use the picture transfer wizard, ensure that your camera is set so that the comptuer will read it as a USB device, than open it through the file-manager ("My Computer") and copy and paste the files from the camera's memory card to the destination directory in your computer. You should see the .jpg files and beside each one a DSC_XXX.nef file. If you go to the Microsoft website and download the RAW file plug in. That should let you view the .NEF files.

If your computer has a media card slot, put your memory card directly in there and remove the files as described above. If that doesn't work, then let us know and we'll see what else we can do.
Thanks alot guys really appreciate it. I have always uploaded photos from my camera to the computer via the cable plugin. Never done anythign else, however i'm not sure the tower has a media card reader.
How would I get the other photos to show up in the above picture. It shows just 35 that were shot in lower quality then RAW, but not the others that were shot in RAW.
I have shot RAW photos before yes, only this was when I did shoot in RAW and uploaded them I wasn't able to view them. The thumbnails were there just not clickable. No I have not yet downloaded that plug in. I will do that when I get home from work.
Download the plug-in and install a RAW editor; there are many inexpensive and/or free applications (Google is your friend) for this.
From the D40x manual, page 55:

Before connecting the Camera
Install PictureProject from the supplied installer CD. To ensure that the data transfer is not interrupted, be sure the camera battery is fully charged. If in douby, charge the battery before connecting the camera [...]

Before connecting the camera, select the USB item in the camera setup menu and choose a USB option as described below [...]
(This is where TiredIron suggested you choose Mass Storage - you'll be able to see the camera in "My Computer" and copy the files directly if needed, then use any number of RAW conversion software as mentioned, including Adobe)

(summary of instructions)
Computer On
Camera Off
Connect cable
Turn on Camera
Start PictureProject
(there's probably a menu option for transfer pictures at this point - the manual says see the PictureProject reference manual on the CD)

If you don't have the CD any more, I believe PictureProject has been replaced by ViewNX which you can download from the Nikon website, but I'm not a Nikon owner, so someone else would have to confirm.
Thanks alot tirediron, Defiantely appreciate all your help.

Mrbarney, Thank you for that load of information. I really appreciate your help as well.
To read a RAW file you're going to need some software. Windows on it's own will not know what to do with it.

You have many choices -
Install PictureProject from the CD that came with the camera
Use Adobe Camera RAW with Lightroom or PhotoShop or Adobe Bridge
Use one of the many free or cheap RAW tools on the internet
Install this: Download details: Microsoft RAW Image Thumbnailer and Viewer for Windows XP
Alright I opened up the folder of my camera in the My camputer. I copied them into my folder now the thumbnails show up as blah, NOTHING.

You see the thumbnails, so the files are there.
Windows does not understand how to read a raw so it shows a generic icon in place of the thumbnail. You will never be able to see the raw thumbnail in the windows explorer, not unless they do something with a new windows release
Alright so that's an easy way of telling them apart. Since I bought my camera from somebody else, I do not have the discs for them. I'll definately have a look at the RAW viewer files Mrbarney thanks alot.

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