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    For the record, the AF 80-200mm f2.8 is optically unchanged, no matter if you use the original pre-D push-pull version, the D push-pull version, or the D two ring version. By the way, said first pre-D version is available insanely cheap on the used market and lacks the main weakness of this lens: the somewhat fragile D mechanism which causes many of these lenses to misfocus due to poor contact. This lens is produced since 30 years and still available new. It has now its fourth successor and survived the production end of the first two. Its just that good.

    But I wouldnt know why I would need attributes like fast autofocus or focal length variance for portraiture. Thats slow work. A manual focus prime lens is perfectly fine for that.

    Granted, an AF-S 50mm f1.8 might not be the greatest prime lens. I would describe its performance as without clear weakness, but a bit boring. I have plenty prime lenses which are great for portraiture, though.

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