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Mar 23, 2013
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The contest is over, so i'm gonna post the whole serie! I was not shure if this fits into "postcard" :-D

This is my first composing, it was not very easy to insert a photo into another, shadows ecc..., anyone have ideas how i could improove?

Taking the final shots was not easy too, the shiny surface of the photos does'nt really like lights ;)

$8847367545_694be8ddc5_z.jpg $8847994922_dc2f1b5ec0_z.jpg $8847371641_a87ee91c0b_z.jpg $8847379979_e20d85e359_z.jpg

Are these self portraits? I love the concept, and the photos that are being burned are superb. The expressiveness of the model is great, and he's damn good looking in my opinion. :p

I'm not sure how I like the way these photos look in the setting you are burning them in though. It just doesn't match up to me, or really compliment the original photos or help bring focus to them. The brown color around the more monochromatic feel of the burning photos is a bit distracting to me.
This is a really cool series - one of those "why didn't I think of that?" kinda things :) I can't wait to see what else you do!
Thesa are great put a smile on my face
One of the most creative sets I've seen on here.
Hey, thank you very much! And yes, that's me, so thank you for the compliments ;).
I had some issues to take the "burning" shots, first i did not even knew, where to mount the photos, so i made a peace of wood with 3 nails in it, to hold the photos, but, when they was on fire, they moved, bended, fell down.
And i had to prevent the stench of the smoke fills my whole house, so i placed the pictures into the oven.

Thank you again!
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