Old car with new model

I like the first one; I think the processing suits the look of the vehicle. The second one is just wayyy too tight. Neither enough cool car or hot model.
I like the secone one for the fact its Sooc. And unfortunately that is all I can share right now as the rest are going into a e-magazine.
I like the secone one for the fact its Sooc.
Not seem dense, but.. what has that to do with anything?

probalby nothing for anyone but myself. I just like the fact that I didnt feel the need to do any adjustments. I do agree the cropping is a bit tight, but for me that is the biggest issue that i'm seeing with it. and when I have gone out and done 5 carshoots in a weekend for a magazine it's nice when I have photos that I don't have to edit much if at all.I still have a lot to learn and i'm always trying to get better. this one may not even make the final cut, but when i come home with a set that I feel needs very little editing I know i'm making improvements in my shooting. esp. since i had been out shooting a truck till 11 the night before and was going on around 4 hours of sleep for this shoot.

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