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Aug 14, 2013
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hi guys,

do you think it is worth buying an old digital full frame camera. i mean, as much as ten years old. it seems likely i could get one for less than 500 dollars, no? has technology moved on so much as to make these cameras not really worth the money? i am shooting film now but i also want a full frame digital mainly for low light performance (it doesn't have to be spectacular) and ease of use that comes with having a digital image. any advice?
maybe the glass i put on it matters more.
A lot of people are still using their D700 cameras. I don't think they are to $500, but many are available for under $1000. My sister has one of these sitting around for about the same thing you are looking for.
Canon 5D "classic" bodies are in the $500-$550 range here at walk-in retail, when they can be had. At KEH.com there's probably a good, steady supply of them. Nikon D700 cameras are newer, and are better bodies, with better AF and higher build quality and a larger, better-performing battery, but are priced at $750 or so here. Low light performance is good, but not spectacular, as it is in the modern Nikon FF bodies.

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