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    I thought it might be interesting to see how others are setting up their E-M5's.

    Going through the Menus, mine is as follows:
    Shooting Menu 1
    Card Setup:
    Picture Mode: 3 Natural
    Record Mode: Stills: LSF+RAW | Movie: MOV FullHD
    Image Aspect: 4:3
    Digital Tele-converter: Off

    Shooting Menu 2
    Sequential Shooting/Self Timer: Single/Anti-Shock
    Image Stabilizer: I.S. 1
    Multiple Exposure: Off
    Flash Intensity: 0.0
    Flash RC Mode: Off

    Playback Menu
    Who cares...!

    Menu A. AF/MF
    AF Mode: S-AF
    Full-time AF: Off
    AEL / AFL: S2/C2/M3
    Reset Lens: On
    BULB/TIME Focusing: On
    MF Assist: Off
    AF Illuminat.: Off
    Face Priority: :) i

    Menu B. Button/Dial
    Fn1 Function: AEL/AFL
    Fn2 Function: MF
    Record Button: AF Home Position
    Right Arrow: WB
    Down Arrow: ISO
    B-Fn1 Function: Qx2
    B-Fn2 Function: MF
    L-Fn Function: AF Stop

    Menu C. Release
    Rls Priority S: Off
    Rls Priority C: Off
    Sequential L fps: 3.5fps
    Sequential H fps: 9fps
    Sequential + IS Off: Off
    Half Way Rls With IS: Off

    Menu D. Disp/Sound/PC
    Video Out:
    Live Control: On
    Live SCP: On
    Info Settings:
    Displayed Grid: 3x3
    Picture Mode Settings:
    Histogram Settings: Highlight 250 | Shadow/5
    Mode Guide: Off
    Live View Boost: Off
    Art LV Mode: mode2
    LV Close Up Mode: mode2
    Info Off: 10sec
    Backlit LCD: 8sec
    Sleep: 1min
    Auto Power Off: 5min
    Sound: Off
    USB Mode: Storage

    Menu E. Exp/Metering/ISO
    EV Step: 1/3 EV
    Metering: ESP
    AEL Metering: Spot
    ISO: Auto
    ISO Step: 1EV
    ISO-Auto Set: High Limit: 800 | Default: 200
    ISO-Auto: All
    BULB/TIME Timer: 8min
    Live BULB: Off
    Live TIME: 60sec
    Anti-Shock: 1/8 sec

    Menu F. Flash Custom
    Flash X-Sync: 1/250
    Flash Slow Limit: 1/60
    Flash Revise + Exposure Compensation: Off

    Menu G. Pixels/Color/WB
    Noise Reduction: Auto
    Noise Filter: Low
    WB: Auto
    All WB: 0
    Keep Warm Color: Off
    Flash+WB: Auto
    Color Space: sRGB
    Shading Comp: On
    JPG Settings: L|SF

    Menu H. Record/Erase

    Quick Erase: Off
    File Name: Auto
    Edit Filename
    Priority Set: Yes
    dpi Settings: 350dpi
    Copyright Settings

    Menu I. Movie
    Mode: A
    Movie+Still: Off
    Movie Mic: Off
    Movie Effect: On
    Wind Noise Reduction: Off
    Recording Volume: Standard

    Menu J. Built-In EVF
    Built-In EVF Style: Style 3
    Info Settings:
    Displayed Grid:
    EVF Auto Switch: On
    Frame Rate: Normal
    EVF Adjust: 0 | 0

    Menu K. Utility
    Pixel Mapping:
    Exposure Shift:
    Battery Warning Level:
    Battery Priority:
    Level Adjust:
    Touch Screen Settings: On
    Eye-Fi: On

    Setup Menu
    Firmware: Body: 1.7​

    Feel free to copy this post as a template and share your settings.


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