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Jun 26, 2007
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One Vivitar 285HV bounced off an silver umbrella to the left of the subject.

Please comment on the lighting, there was no direct composition except framing, the whole point is lighting. That's what I'm learning at the moment, so please comment in that area.
Normally I'm the first to say blow highlights don't make a bad picture, but in this case it's washed the majority of the detail from the subject.

Position, softness, and shadows all look pretty good including the strobist style using the umbrella as the backdrop light.
I am inclined to agree, but I still like the general feel of the picture. I will try to retain at least a bit of detail in those areas next time.

Unfortunately, I only one flash, so backdrop is digitally manipulated.

Here is another exposure. I'm still at the stage of experimenting to get the basics, but this is a proper exposure right? Although I'm a bit concerned with the shadow from the nose.

Thanks for the comment by the way, much appreciated.

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