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Jul 20, 2010
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I was recently going through my folders, organizing keywords, and deleting reject files when I stumbled across this pic I had forgotten about. Did a quick adjustment and added some text, figured I would toss it up on here to see what everyone thought.

EDIT: I realized this had a couple blurred foreground elements after posting so I had to remove and fix. Sorry if you looked and the pic wasn't working.

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Hmmm... two words I wouldn't expect to see in the same sentence, "riparian" and "Arizona". Very nice capture; I would suggest perhaps trying to tone down the highlights on the Goose's head and rump if posible and increasin the saturation of the waterslightly, but other than that, well done!
i like the overall result.

again as stated above tone down the highlights slightly and maybe add a little light to the foreground..that one duck is a bit dark.
pretty nice. Looks like it would be hanging in an office with that border
Thanks for the advice. I will try to adjust the highlights when I get a chance. This was an edit for a print test that I had in Proof mode, so maybe thats what caused the discrepencies. I actually did an exposure gradiant on that front duck, but I don't think I did enough. It was early morning low light cast from the right through the rest of the I was trying to be cautious not to destroy that look of the light also.

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