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Nov 28, 2011
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I've been using Lightroom to create galleries for my website, and they work great for minimalist, simple galleries, such as a portfolio.

However, I have been taking photos for a sports team and they want a way to view their images. Lightroom is great and all, but I don't really want to take the time to just import photos that...I honestly don't really care about, into LR and then export them to my server. Because then, when I want to get rid of them I have go through my server and delete the files, re-upload the website etc...

So, are there any websites (free or subscription) that allow you to upload to a customizable gallery that I can just link to? I guess Smugmug would work, but I'm not sure if I really want care about the e-commerce thing, which I assume is one of the reasons that Smugmug is expensive (relatively) on a yearly basis.

Are there any other options for just a simple click and view gallery? Or am I better off sticking with home-made JS/Flash galleries for what I want?
do you have a Facebook photography page??? Free shows off work, clients can tag themselves in your photos giving you exposure to all their "friends" maybe something to think of :)
how about zenfolio, smugmug, redcart, squarespace, etc

Oh ok, cool. Yeah, I'd only heard of Smugmug and I forgot about Zenfolio. I wasn't sure if there were any more, and a Google search provided tons of options, howevfer most were ways to implement a JS gallery into your website. lol

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