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Nov 3, 2015
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Hey guys, I'm new to the forums and this is my first post. I wanted to share some pictures I took with my GoPro and wanted to hear what you guys think. They are not raw, they are all edited and inteded for Instagram lol.



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They are nice for their style. GoPros have great sensors, and for a wide angle shot take some great pictures, you've got some good examples of that.
GoPro has that wide-angle curvilinear (fish-eye) look. You can really see that around the edges and corners in a few of these images.

Anytime you have a wide-angle, it will "stretch" the sense of depth in the scene and you can play that effect to an advantage. In your third shot (I assume that's you), it shows a good example of what you can do with this because subjects that actually are somewhat close can still look close. But subjects which are farther away will end up looking like they are MUCH farther away -- and this provides a background while calling more attention to the close subject.

The limitation is, of course, that this is pretty much the style of the camera. So if that's the style you want, it does it in abundance, but it doesn't offer much versatility for anything else.
Like the first two, the third is a selfie (but the sky looks neat) and the fourth is as mentioned earlier, very curved around the sides. The curvature is interesting in some cases but for me I don't like to see curved buildings and trees and columns.......
I'm kind of a fan of using tools the way they were intended to be used. Your top shot is fantastic but any DSLR shot from the same moment would have killed it. Sure you could argue the DSLR would take better track videos too but the go pros ability to not be noticed hanging on the side of my helmet makes up for a lot...

I think the key word in your first post was intended for instagram and for that you have a winner. Photo of the month probably not so much.
Good work,keep shoting.

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I'm honestly shocked on how nice the gopro stills are

I should try it on mine
As always, these are just my own opinions, however I find the GoPro's to be rather "stylized" in much the same sense that Lens Babies are...and I think it's a style that people either love or hate. I might even go so far as to suggest that their better for some sense of "artistic expression", than they are any serious photography. I suspect that they'll develop a following, much like those who've embraced Lomography, but I really don't think it's for everyone...at least in terms of still work. I think the curvature works well for the shot with the airplane wing, but with the other shots, I find the curvature quite distracting and for still images, they seem to lack the degree of sharpness that you would get with a more conventional camera. In short, it's just not to my taste

I will say that I did use one of these to shoot some video a couple of years back when my wife and I were doing the zip lines out in Hocking Hills, Ohio. For a little doohickey that was strapped to my helmet, I was...and still am...quite impressed with their video quality. At the time I had rented the GoPro, I was VERY skeptical as to any sense of "quality" the little bugger might produce, but I was in fact pleasantly surprised once I saw the footage...made for a nice keepsake of the trip. Likewise, I'm also quite fascinated by some of the aerial video I've seen people produce using those RC drones...I have a future video project in mind where I'd very much like to give that a try. That said, again I just don't see myself using it for any kind of still photography at all. Might be kind of fun to play with a bit, but I doubt I could really take it seriously...even my $80 Sony compact produces better still images (to my eye at least).

Again, just my own opinions.

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