Opteka lens?


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Nov 19, 2007
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Chicago suburbs
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Opteka (I think that was the brand) any good? I saw on ebay it was like a 400mm-1600mm with 2X converter for 400mm-3200mm for like less than $200. Manual focus but still. Seems like I could really sneak up on some stuff with that kind of range. Opinions?
You get what you pay for. Ive never tried any of these but $200 could go towards something much better.

What/who you thinking of sneaking up to?;)
paper towel tube with some glass in it...

Probably the worst lens ever made....

I know someone who had this lens and all of the photos they took with it sucked.
there was a thread about this a few days ago.

Buy a 70-300 VR
if you want a cheap solution for a telephoto lens look into sigma, i'm not sure you're camera preferences but they have mounts for most cameras. They have some lenses for $250-300 that will be a lot better than any opteka.

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