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    At the moment I am a nikon d300 shooter, along with my hasselblads. I have been looking at the panasonic gf1 and from what I have read it looks great. I am thinking it would be a backup to my nikon gear but down the road would be the main gear. Has anyone here done this and what are your thoughts.

    I am a full time photographer for the last 30 years and just looking to take the load down some.

    Thank you in advance,


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    I have a few Panasonic camera now (TZ5, LX3, and G1)... great company who is pushing the compact camera. Right now I am playing around with the earlier version, the G1.

    * GF1 doesn't have a built in viewfinder. With the EVF viewfinder, it works well but it doesn't have much of the information you are used to seeing in a viewfinder. In this respect, I much prefer my G1 or the GH1.
    * With the EVF viewfinder attached the camera is taller than the G1.
    * AF performance beat my expectations.
    * Not exactly pocketable. Bigger than my LX3.
    * I liked the swing out LCD of my G1 not found on the GF1.
    * Cost wise. It is expensive relatively. You can buy a G1 for less and it will have The EVF built in. GF1 buys you nothing more than compactness.
    * I like the way the GF1 handles. I shoot with rangefinders and it felt natural in an odd way.
    * The micro 4/3rds sensor has a 2x crop. Lens selection is limited (for now). I personally bought the G1 as something to play around with older lenses (M42, Kmount, M-mount, Leica screwmount).
    * The sensor is small... high ISO is not going to be anywhere close to your Nikon. You want to stay under 400.

    That's all that comes to mind now... I borrowed it a couple times but didn't really have much time with it before finding a good deal on a G1. If you ask more specifics I might recall more.

    Honestly... the best backup to your nikon is another nikon for obvious reasons. I don't think the Micro 4/3rd format is ready for professional use. It fits nicely in the niche market just above the advanced P&S area....

    For me... I am enjoying it. But I wouldn't choose it if I were shooting professionally.

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