Panorama - Which is better and how to improve?


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Oct 3, 2011
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Melbourne, Australia
Hey guys, would love some input on which of these two panoramas you think is nicer? The only change between the two is a slight hue/sat adjustment. Also any recommendations on how to improve the shot? I would love if the whiter part of the sky was nicer, but I didn't have a GND on me.

I like the second one more when looking at the foreground, but it's a very subtle difference between the two. The bright sky (as you mentioned) is overwhelming the shot, sadly. Can you go back & reshoot with the filter?
The horizon is pretty close to center. Can you use rule of thirds and crop out some sky?
Yeah I'll definitely go back for a re-shoot sometime soon. It's only about 30-40 minutes away. I'll take the filters this time.

I agree with the rule of thirds too mommy. The only reason I kept this cropped this way was there was at least some colour in the top part of the sky, and when I cropped to rule of thirds all that was left was the washed out part. Yuck!

Ah well, I'll go back and do another shoot soon :) Thanks guys.
Leveling it will help, too... it's listing to port.

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