Panoramic Cape Cod Lighthouse


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May 9, 2012
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Only my 2nd pano attempt. I think the lighthouse may have ended up too much in the center, but I can crop it.
This was 1 of those 30 mph windy days we had recently. I am up further on the beach for some protection. There was NO way a person or tripod was going to get a good photo in that wind!

Comments/critiques? I did use PSE 11 and tried using selection tool to highlight the houses and lighthouse a little, is it ok?
Am still learning PSE....
Not bad; I'm a sucker for panoramas. I think maybe a little bit of curves adjustment and perhaps a little (very little) saturation boost as it appears a bit 'flat', but other than that, nicely done.
Beautiful location and technically you did a nice job on the panorama. I like the proportion of ocean to sky. Two critiques to add to tirediron's:

-The picture is slightly crooked -- needs to be tilted left a little (easily fixed with PSE straighten tool, especially since there's not much in the corners that could be lost from rotation)
-I agree with you about the lighthouse being too centered as being an issue, but not because it's too close to the center (I love to break the rule of thirds) but because there's a lot of empty space to the right of the lighthouse -- the hills aren't interesting (green trash can or thing? is distracting, too), so if you were to take the pano again, you could include more of those charming houses to the left of the lighthouse by starting the pano further to the left
Thanks Malavok. Horizons are hard for me. The dunes and water weren't quite a straight horizon but will look at your suggestion.
The green 'can' is a channel marker in water.
Somehow a lighthouse just seems like it should be away from houses on a lonely beach somewhere, so i thought the dunes might add to it.
I actually did like the houses, so I will go back again.

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